2018 Careers in Aviation
27 October 2018

The “Careers in Aviation–Awareness Programme” was successfully held on 27th October 2018. It was co-organized by the HKSAR Government Education Bureau and RAeS Hong Kong Branch. A group of local school teachers were invited to visit HAECO and HAESL for a better understanding of aviation industry in Hong Kong.

The tour in HAECO was led by Mr. Neville Kwok, Airframe Services Engineer. Mr. Kwok explained in great detail about the importance of aircraft maintenance in Hong Kong, and employment opportunities for young graduates. During the hangar tour, we observed a Boeing 777 undergoing maintenance checking.

At the HAESL tour, led by engineers Gemma Law and James Lo, the teachers were introduced to the basics of engine overhaul. They visited the Module Change and Module Repair workshops to gain understanding about the overhaul workflow. The teachers were impressed by the advanced repair technology, like the balancing machines and the engine test cell.

Teachers raised a lot of questions during the visit and they found this tour knowledgeable. They were impressed with the career development in the aviation industry and would like to share the information with their students.