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Summer is coming to end and we are about to start our next round of events.  The Hong Kong aviation industry has taken some buffeting which has affected our lectures.  Our AGM will be 15 August coupled with a lecture from Michael Sexton, Safran, on technology behind landing gears.  These little thought of components play an important role in comfort of the passenger.

Next was supersonic travel being made a reality.  Blake Scholl, share dhis vision of supersonic travel for flying public and finished up with a lucky draw for our members.

Our Breitling DC3 World Tour field was oversubscribed.  See the field trip report of those lucky few who managed to go to Macau to look this marvel of aviation history.

We were delighted to have Keith Leverkuhn back to talk about the Boeing 737 Max development and flight test programme in April.

Congratulations to Emboebusdier, who are 2017 AeroChallenge Champions.  They competed with eleven other teams and in other categories for Best Design, Aviation Quiz, Best Presentation

In April the branch will again support the Education Bureau in allowing career school teachers to visit HAESL and HAECO.

Nigel Lamb, 2014 Red Bull Air Racing Champion, our speaker delighted the audience at our annual dinner.  Drop into the Events page to see photos of premier event.

After the Annual Dinner was our Annual Christmas Quiz.  We were over subscribed again and congratulations to CX GE 2016 who are our 2016 Aero Quiz Champions.

Remember the Branch can issue CPD certificates to our members if you register and attend the event.  If you are not a member yet, please visit our membership page to learn more.

Joining the Branch is even easier, as we now take PayPal, for your membership subscriptions.


  1. AGM, 15 August

  2. Landing Gear – From the Past to the Future, Safran, 15 August.

  3. Boom Supersonic air travel, 9 May.

  4. Breiting DC3 World Tour, 24 April

  5. B737 Max development & flight test programme, 6 April

  6. Teacher’s Career tour, 29 April

  7. Boeing Design Build Fly, 11 March

  8. Christmas Quiz, 9 December.

  9. Nigel Lamb, 2014 Redbull Air Racing Champion, annual dinner speaker, 25 Nov.

  10. Introducing Sagitta, Dr Chan, 31 Oct.

  11. History of the RB211, Phil Ruffles, 20 October.

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